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Company Formation Form

    Please fill your information below:

    1. In order of preference, Please provide 3 (three) desired names for the company that you wish to register:
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    2. How many directors and shareholders will be in the company?

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    3. Address for the company:
    4. Telephone number for the company:
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    6. Nature of business:
    7. Do you require to be registered for goods and services tax (GST)?NoYes
    (if unsure please contact our office)
    8. Do you require to be registered for pay as you go tax (PAYG)?NoYes
    (if unsure please contact our office)

    Please sign:

    1- I/We authorise BNS Accounting Services/BNS Tax Consultants Pty Ltd to deal with the ATO and or ASIC on my behalf.
    2- I/We authorise BNS Accounting Services/BNS Tax Consultants Pty Ltd to act on my behalf and not limited to lodging my Business Activity Statements, Tax Returns and any other document that is required to be lodged with the Commissioner of Taxation and or ASIC.
    3- I/We knowledge that this authority will be valid until revoked in writing.I declare that I am authorised to make this declaration and give personal assurance for any professional fees charged by BNS Accounting Services/ BNS Tax Consultants Pty Ltd.
    4- I/we declare all information provided is correct and director/s confirm that they are not disqualified to act as director of a company
    5-Director/s give personal guarantee to fee charges by BNS tax consultants pty. ltd.
    6-I hereby declare that the information given is true, complete and correct and that nothing has been concealed or distorted. And accept all responsibilities for the data provided.